Professional Development is a Key Indicator of School Success

Leadership, Professional Development, Professional Learning

The role of the teacher is key to student success and that is why leaders spend plenty of time developing and engaging in professional development.  Teacher PD is pivotal to school success.  What does professional learning look like in your school.  This 90 second clip gives insight to what teachers can expect at mine.

Michael Fullan in his unpublished paper, Learning is the Work,  states that learning on the job, day after day, is the work teachers need to be committed to. With the mover towards collaborative learning and the fact fact that teachers learn best from their colleagues, the provision of a job embedded professional development program to foster teacher development is a must.

School principals take on the school leadership with a commitment to helping the school improve. A key mechanism for this is teacher professional development. How a leader approaches PD for teachers should be a consideration for teachers when looking for new positions!

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