When Opportunity Knocks, You Must Open the Door!

As an educational leader, I believe that having a go is an essential mindset for success, both for students and for educators. Encouraging students to take risks, try new things, and learn from their mistakes is critical to their growth and development. And as educators, we must model this behaviour and create a culture of experimentation and risk-taking within our schools. It’s how we gain success.

Having a go means taking the initiative to try something new, even if it is outside of one’s comfort zone. It means embracing opportunities and challenges, even if there is a possibility of failure. It is about being curious, open-minded, and willing to learn.

In the classroom, having a go can take many forms. It may mean encouraging students to participate in class discussions, even if they are not confident in their ideas. It may mean providing opportunities for students to work on projects that allow them to explore their interests and passions. It may mean creating a safe environment where students feel comfortable making mistakes and learning from them.

As educators, we must also model this behaviour. We must be willing to take risks and try new teaching methods, even if they are not familiar or comfortable. We must be open to feedback and willing to reflect on our own practices to improve ourselves as educators.

Having a go is not just about personal success; it is also about creating opportunities for others. As educational leaders, we must create a culture of experimentation and risk-taking within our schools. We must encourage our colleagues to try new teaching methods, to take on leadership roles, and to pursue professional development opportunities.

However, having a go comes with risks. There is always the possibility of failure, rejection, or criticism. But we must emphasize that these risks are worth taking. Failure is not something to be feared; it is something to be embraced as a learning opportunity. When we fail, we learn valuable lessons that we can apply in the future. Rejection or criticism, while not easy to take, can also be constructive if we approach it with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

Having a go is an essential mindset for success in education. It means taking risks, being proactive, and embracing failure as a learning opportunity. As educational leaders, we must model this behavior and create a culture of experimentation and risk-taking within our schools. When we encourage our students and colleagues to have a go, we create a community of learners who are curious, open-minded, and willing to take on new challenges.

Author: Dr Jake Madden

Jake Madden (Dip Teach; B.Ed; Grad Dip: Leadership; M. Ed: Leadership; EdD; FACEL; MACE) Dr. Jake Madden is currently the Principal, St Edward’s Primary School, Tamworth. He has enjoyed a successful teaching and principal leadership career over the last thirty years building teacher capacity through the development of learning in the contemporary world, the promotion of flexible learning spaces to meet the needs of the 21st century learner and curriculum for global mindedness. Jake is a leader in the notion of teacher-as-researcher and is widely published in this area, authoring and co-authoring books and a number of journal articles showcasing his experiences and research into leading educational change.

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