Why This Website

I was a principal in Australian schools across three educational jurisdictions and two states for over twenty years. There is a tendency for leaders to cement their stance on a school and then enter the plateau phase of leadership. Some say it’s best to leave on a high, before the sedentary side of leadership takes hold.

That said, life long learners seek further learning opportunities. They need the next challenge to keep relevant and on top of their game. For me, coming to that realisation has been tough as, like all people looking at their future, there is more at stake than what’s in it for me. There’s family to consider, mortgages, kids’ schooling, spouse’s career, your own ageing parents and extended family members, and even your friendship circles.

There are many reasons one decides to take the leap into a new job. Once decided and announced that you are leaving, people only see the top of the iceberg, they don’t see what is happening under the water, or the myriad of contexts, conversations, rationales, barriers, that lead to the decision. Usually the first response, naturally, is how your decision will impact them?

This introduction brings me to the purpose of this website!

I had, with the blessing of my family, made the decision to resign my position in Australia to take up an initial international leadership position in Dubai; thus beginning my international school leadership career. This website is an attempt to share my journey with my extended family in Australia and to share insights in being an international educational leader.

I hope to chronicle my experiences, more as a therapeutic or reflective process, but hopefully, like other similar sites, offer some insight into the highs and lows of international school leadership.

One thought on “Why This Website”

  1. HI Jake,
    My email to you bounced back. I just wanted to let you know that I have updated my web page: http://www.learningspacesandlearningstyles.com

    I have made a reference to your blog and the article you kindly sent me earlier this year.

    I enjoy reading your other blog and now look forward to this blog.

    Hopefully this reaches you.

    Mary Moore
    Assistant Principal
    Rolling Hills Primary School
    Mooroolbark, Victoria
    [and currently teaching in Ontario, Canada on an International Teaching Fellowship].

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