Driving in Dubai

No matter how much someone tells you how a particular experience will be, it is not until you experience first hand that you ‘really’ understand. This was my experience with driving in Dubai.

Firstly I had to contend with the left hand drive phenomenon. It felt not only like I was driving a sidecar motorbike but also I felt like the car was going to topple over. Years of looking right, then left, then right again is a bad habit to overcome. Mark Treadwell, international guru on how the brain learns, says we can retrain our brain but I’m not sure he has driven in Dubai for a while.

The second phenomenon is the unexplained ability of the Dubai traffic to fit four lanes of traffic into three. A 15 km route to work in the morning takes around 25 minutes however, the return journey in the afternoon can take up to hour and a half.


If there is a silver lining it might just be found in my pocket. Or more precisely in the savings. My first tank of petrol (66 litres) only cost me the equivalent of $33.00 Australian dollars.